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Produce 100 masks in one minute! China's aviation research and development of full-automatic mask machine in 16 days
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:42:37

Recently, China's aviation manufacturing technology research institute has developed a full-automatic mask machine, which can work continuously for 24 hours and produce 100 masks per minute. The daily output of 24 machines is more than 3 million masks. It not only has high production efficiency, but also effectively reduces the labor cost. As long as the machine is started, the task can be completed automatically.

At present, the full-automatic mask production machine has been put into production, and 4 sets have been delivered to mask factories in urgent need. This machine is composed of 793 items and 2365 parts. It has high automation, stable operation and high production efficiency. It can be operated by one person only by simple training. It is planned to produce 2 sets of equipment per day in the future, and 20 sets of batch production equipment will be realized. After 24 sets including the prototype are put into production, 3 million masks will be produced per day.

It took only 16 days to develop the first prototype of such an urgent scientific and technological product. Half an hour to complete the team, four hours to complete the task evaluation, set up a design team, three days to complete the drawing design, 16 days to create a prototype, which is the Chinese speed.

"We produce whatever our motherland needs."

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Chinese enterprises produced masks across the border, and the whole country worked together to effectively prevent the epidemic. The supply of masks has been gradually stable. However, as the novel coronavirus pneumonia spread overseas, masks manufacturers have been undertaking more and more overseas orders in addition to ensuring domestic supply. The successful operation of the automatic mask machine will effectively maintain the stable supply of masks.

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