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Export of giant intelligent mask machine to overseas market
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:30:49

Relying on its deep accumulation in the field of intelligent equipment, CNE news of Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully converted giant ship intelligent into a mask machine. After meeting the needs of the domestic market, it has recently officially delivered goods to overseas customers.

According to Jieyang daily, relying on its own technical advantages in equipment manufacturing, automation integration and other aspects, the company began to polish and process parts such as gear module, feed roller, etc., started to design and program with the idea of "fully automatic", assembled and debugged under strict process standards. In 24 days, it will be the first batch of "fully automatic production line of intelligent self identification mask" Successful R & D.

It is understood that the company's mask machine can produce 80 to 120 pieces per minute. Under the condition of all-weather production, the daily production can reach 150000 pieces at most. The whole production and packaging process is fully automatic, and the intermediate link does not need manual operation. In addition, 3D visual sorting detection technology can realize product identification, location identification and rapid detection under high-speed movement, and greatly improve product yield under the condition of ensuring efficiency.

Since March, the first batch of mask machines of the company have passed the trial production, and have been delivered to the epidemic prevention material production enterprises in Jieyang, Shantou, Chaozhou and other surrounding cities. Because of their stable performance and easy operation, some customers have purchased multiple production lines. The production capacity of local masks has been increased accordingly, which alleviates the shortage of social masks.

With the spread of overseas epidemic, relying on its original international sales network and Jieyang City's cooperation platform with Germany (Europe), Julian intelligence has received many orders from overseas customers.

On April 12, after overnight packing, the first batch of mask machines with international standards adopted by CNMI were "expedited delivery" at the request of Turkish customers and shipped smoothly. (Pan Jian)

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