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Nowadays, masks are on sale. Why do many people transfer masks?
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:27:04

As far as the actual situation of the market is concerned, everyone's demand for masks is still relatively large, after all, the current market demand for masks is still very large.

In particular, some countries in Europe and the United States continue to spread the pneumonia epidemic, and their demand for masks is also very large. At present, including France and the United States, these countries have ordered a large number of masks from China, and France alone has put forward 2 billion orders for masks.

But even in this kind of strong market demand, there are still people who want to transfer masks. Different people may face different situations, but on the whole, those who transfer masks are just the following situations.

First, the manufacturer who purchases the mask machine in high position.

Some time ago, when the epidemic broke out, people's demand for masks was huge. Masks were in short supply and prices kept rising. At this time, the price of masks used to produce masks also rose all the way. For example, a common mask machine usually costs only about 100000 yuan, but during the epidemic period, it rose to 56 million yuan, or even more than 1 million yuan.

However, in the background of the short supply of masks, some manufacturers even if the price of mask machine is more expensive, they still buy it in one go. However, with more and more enterprises joining in the mask production army, the price of masks is also slowly falling. At present, the price of ordinary masks has dropped to about two yuan.

In the process of falling mask prices, those manufacturers who buy masks at a high level actually have little profit margin. At this time, many enterprises are reluctant to continue to produce masks, so it is normal for them to transfer the masks.

Second, we are worried that the price of respirator will fall in the future.

In the past two months, China has added many new manufacturers of masks, but for these manufacturers, masks are not their main business.

With the continuous increase of mask production and the gradual control of China's pulmonary epidemic, the demand for masks in many places will gradually decrease. In this context, the price of mask machine will certainly decrease. Therefore, in order to prevent the price of mask machine from plummeting in the future, it is one thing to transfer when the price of mask machine is still relatively high A wise choice.

Third, the so-called transfer may be that some agents are disposing of the inventory.

Some time ago, the price of mask machine keeps rising. Many agents also buy some mask machines in large quantities, starting from the price of sitting on the ground, and then sell when the price of mask machine rises.

But in this period of time, as the market's demand for masks slows down, the price of mask machines begins to slow down. In this case, these agents dispose of the inventory in their hands in time, otherwise they will lose money if they don't deal with it. Therefore, it is understandable that there are many mask machine transfers in the market.

In a word, whether it's a rush to buy masks or a transfer of masks, it's just a response to the normal demand of the market. Especially for those enterprises that have joined the mask production army temporarily, they have made money for a while ago. At this time, they should not be greedy for the last soup. When the price of the mask machine is still high, it is a wise choice to transfer it.

After all, for most small enterprises, the masks they produce are mainly supplied to China. Although there is a large demand for masks in some countries in Europe and the United States at present, the masks produced by many enterprises do not meet the certification standards of some countries in Europe and the United States, and they also cannot get certification documents, so they cannot be sold to Europe. Therefore, when the domestic mask market is gradually saturated, It's normal for them to retire in time.

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