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Global demand for face masks: various capital flows into "high temperature" face masks
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:26:06

A few days ago, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice on the inspection of 11 kinds of goods such as medical masks, which once again put the masks on the spotlight. As novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread worldwide, the N95 mask machine, which makes the products for export, has become the object of competition.

"Spot welding machine, laminating machine, small-scale melt spraying machine, as long as there is spot, the price is easy to say." In order to get a mask machine from stock, many business owners even squat at the door of the mask machine factory and so on. Some listed companies have also revamped their production lines and changed production of masks in an emergency. However, the delivery risk caused by repeated reselling, repeated debugging caused by rush to go online, and high defective rate caused by lack of experience also emerged.

Hidden risks, frequent "villains" in masks

"A mask machine is a money printer." In the past two months, this sentence has been firmly believed by various businesses. "I didn't go home for new year's Eve. I was fighting for it years ago. I watched the price of a full-automatic kn95 mask machine rise from a tuang to a Bentley." Mr. Li, a factory owner in Shenzhen, told reporters that under the epidemic, the kn95 automatic mask machine soared from 400000 yuan to the highest 4 million yuan. "Now there is a decline, and the price is about 1.3 million yuan to 1.8 million yuan."

The impact of capital and some local policies is also heating up the market. As early as February, Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and Information Technology awarded the production of key equipment enterprises in urgent need such as masks and key components, with the maximum amount of reward up to 50% of the price of the equipment. Golden sun, a listed company that produces masks, received letters of concern from Shenzhen stock exchange for winning three trading boards in a row. Even listed companies such as Evonik technology and tostar have crossed the border and focused on masks business.

All kinds of capital entering the Bureau, whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic kn95 masks that can be assembled, or even just machine parts, are in a rush to buy from stock. "As long as there is stock, the price is easy to say." A Zhejiang business owner shouted in a QQ group of masks. Although a large number of mask machines QQ group, active sellers make complaints about "spot trading" and "intermediary not disturbing", but many business owners say that they are basically "Uncle".

"There's no spot. It's all futures. I'm going to take them from the factory." A Dongguan "God" told reporters that at present, the futures price of the full-automatic kn95 mask machine in hand is 1.4 million yuan, which can be delivered in 14 days at most, and the futures price of the semi-automatic kn95 mask machine is 950000 yuan, which can be delivered in 8 days at most. "50% deposit is required, and the balance will be paid after shipment. If you need to cancel or postpone the order when it is full, you will be compensated for 5% of the deposit loss. "

On the one hand, you can only get the scheduled orders, on the other hand, you have to give half of the money you don't know as a deposit - which means that the buyer has to bear a considerable risk of delivery.

The price of drawings increases, and the debugging engineer becomes a "sweet cake"

Small and medium-sized business owners who can't get the finished machines have come up with the idea of self-assembly, trying to "follow the map". Reporters found that the kn95 mask machine drawings in the current e-commerce website also rose to hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, including circuit diagram, gas circuit diagram, small body parts list, etc.

"This is not a common drawing on the market. It is an upgraded version that has been verified, repaired and improved by production. It can directly copy the machine." A businessman told reporters that his new N95 semi-automatic printer's production line drawing price is 1800 yuan, including the completed 2D and 3D drawings, which can be directly put into production after assembly according to the drawings.

Whether it's a machine pieced out according to drawings or a complete set bought from stock, an insider told the reporter that the mask machine is "three-point machine, seven point debugging". In addition to the debugging by special personnel, it needs to be designed again in many times. In the QQ group of mask machine, from time to time, all kinds of information can pop up to find the debugging engineer urgently: "kneel down and ask the technicians who can debug N95 equipment!" "The ear belt of the respirator can't be clamped, cut continuously, and the operation is not stable. Can a master solve it?"

"Before that, our salary was generally 8000 yuan to 10000 yuan, but at the most exaggerated time in these two months, the manufacturer could offer 20000 yuan a day. Now, if you charge by machine, a mask machine will be almost 30000 to 50000 yuan after adjustment. " Mr. Zhang, the team's specialist in the commissioning project of mask machine in the Pearl River Delta region, said to the reporter that some manufacturers' machine parts are too light to be used, and repeated commissioning is also difficult to solve the problem of defective rate. "Once there is a problem in film making or sealing, most of them can only be scrapped, which wastes a lot of melt blown cloth. We are also worried about it."

Tight supervision and qualification certification

Reporters learned that masks can be roughly divided into two categories: ordinary masks and medical masks. In addition to the right of import and export, different countries and regions need different qualifications for customs clearance. For example, the medical masks can only be listed after being certified by the FDA of the United States, while the masks exported to the European Union, whether medical or non-medical, need to be affixed with the CE mark. Domestic manufacturers need to conduct certification in advance according to the relevant requirements of the country where foreign customers are located.

"Recently, many mask factories in Shenzhen can't pass the customs, so they are returned directly." Mr. Li said to the reporter that many temporary transfer enterprises do not understand the relevant laws and regulations of export certification. In addition, the market is full of CE certification agencies, some of which are not certified by the European Union at all. Many of the "intimate services" claiming "urgent certification" hide various risks.

"The intermediary gave the third-party organization certification, and the customs couldn't get it out. I sent more than a dozen certificates to the customs, saying no. If you waste money, the key is that you can't afford time! " A business owner is in a hurry in QQ group

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