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Sidelights on the mask machine of Hunan state-owned enterprises returning to work and changing into production: "211" hard core action: a powerful weapon of military industry
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:18:15

"211" hard core action: a weapon of great military industry

——Sidelights on the mask machine of Hunan central enterprises

Yu Yan, Tan Qinghong

Tang Yinbo was dressed in blue overalls, with white mask covering most of his face, and his bright eyes showed more concentration. The 70 year old chief technician of China's weaponry, a national model worker, rushed to the conference room of the technical center of Jianglu Electromechanical group.

In the Spring Festival of the rat year, the epidemic situation is very serious. The mask has become the armor to protect life and the weapon to resist the poison army. On February 11, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council (SASAC) of the State Council (SASAC) of the State Council (SASAC) of the State Council (SASAC) of the people's Republic of China (SASAC) of the people's Republic of China (SASAC) of China (SASAC) of the people's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to.

Tang Yinbo and his colleagues in the studio. At the foot of the river)

China ordnance industry group, one of the six central enterprises, issued the first battle order of "211" for short to Jianglu mechanical and electrical group - "five sets of mask machines and five sets of strip pressing machines, each with a delivery time limit of 30 this month."

The military order flashed a threatening light. There was a few seconds of silence in the conference room. No drawing process, no ready-made raw materials and accessories, no skilled workers familiar with processing and assembly, procurement, transportation, production organization, more than ten processes But military workers never flinch!

Out of the conference room, Tang Yinbo's wechat called out to 9 leaders: quickly gather and work all night. Also, don't forget to wear more masks.


"We know what we're fighting for - the lives of our compatriots!"

"Tang Yinbo Innovation Studio" is well lit. Before the breakthrough, Zhuge Liang will have 9 members in place.

Tang Yinbo first said: the front-line emergency - protective masks, medical protective clothing emergency! The "211" hard core operation was launched, and six central enterprises under the SASAC went to the front line, all of which are the "sharp knife company" of the national team: the "aviation industry" used the j-20 technology to make full-automatic masks; the "Chinese ship" concentrated the cutting-edge technology of aircraft carrier and submarine; the "Chinese weapon" used the "Hanyang gun making" and armor technology to take the task

"Master, don't worry. We know what we're fighting for - the lives of our compatriots! " Everyone is in a hurry to start work. "Well, work!"

On that day, drawings, processes, procurement, cutting, processing Full launch.

Zhang Xin, one of the members of the studio and the main member of the commando team, is responsible for the processing of parts with high difficulty coefficient. On the first day of receiving the task, the roadblock was in front of him: a special-shaped pinion that had never been seen before had a very special tooth shape, so it was difficult to cut in from any angle. The teachers and apprentices searched a lot of technical books and discussed them late into the night, but they still failed to make a final breakthrough.

"Master, come on! Technology is a knife, no problem you can't solve. "

It's not a fuss. Tang Yinbo is the winner of the Chinese skill award, the chief technician of Chinese weapons, and the national labor model. Just one picture of him: he can operate a popular milling machine to mill out a circle on an egg with a thickness of only 0.2 mm without breaking the inner membrane of the eggshell He led his studio members to work overtime for a month, and finally locked in an important part of a military industry with an error of 0.01mm. The "polar plate" problem he solved was officially applied in the fields of aerospace, aviation, nuclear submarine and medical oxygen production, which became the pride of the whole group

in the face of the current "irregular milling teeth", Tang Yinbo has thought over 20 kinds of workrooms' "processing classics" such as "ultra-thin plate anti deformation processing technology", "near circle processing method" and "CNC milling machine processing ability expansion processing method". At last, the young man's time wisdom -- using computer programming came to his mind. "Smelly leather craftsman" people clapped, and after several times of debugging by technical expert Zhang Xin, they finally quickly took the task of milling teeth.

Just when Tang Yinbo and his colleagues were chasing each other all night, all departments of Jianglu group were fighting for "211 hard core operation".

Bingguishensu: the company fought day and night, finishing the summary of self-made parts, purchased parts and standard parts, drawing 1054 drawings in 12 hours, and completing 2146 process documents in 24 hours, and distributing materials procurement and production units respectively;

Food and grass first - Wang Xingdong, Liu Jia and Yan Lifeng, members of the Department of materials and electrical appliances, moved quickly to Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places, ensuring that 262 15078 purchased parts were purchased in place;

Strategizing - commanding and plotting ahead. At 5:00 p.m. every day, the "211" special production coordination meeting will be held for unified command, planning and promotion.

Strive hard to catch up - No.6 branch of the factory kept people off the machine, only in one day, completed the blanking task of 570 items of mask machine and strip press, 8165 pieces of self-made parts blank.

Li Gangli, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Jianglu group, said with emotion: most parts of the mask machine and the molding machine are self-made in the company, with tight time and heavy tasks. The average amount of tasks assigned to each production worker is two-thirds more than usual

In the face of urgent and dangerous battles, the overall resource integration ability, key element supply ability, and key and difficult breakthrough ability of the military industry of the great powers have become the "magic weapon" of the central enterprises and the backbone of the country!


"The soldiers in white are robbing people in the hands of the God of death. We should seize the time to protect them!"

Every workshop, even the air is rigorous, turning, milling, pliers, grinding, boring all kinds of work together; mold, gear, turbine and irregular parts, neatly placed on the work frame; machine flying, a knife a knife like carving art boutique.

Tang Yinbo's Innovation Studio, known as the cradle of gold and blue collar workers, is a self recommended elite who competes in martial arts. In wartime, it is versatile

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