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How much is an automatic kn95 mask machine? Is it possible to enter the market now?
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:16:41

With the change of the epidemic situation, many people in China have begun to produce masks, and those who invest earlier have also made a lot of money. Although a kn95 mask machine has been fired to millions, 50000 pieces are less in one day, 500000 pieces in one day, and those who start earlier have already made soft hands. So, now it's almost may, is the mask market saturated? Has the price of the mask machine been lowered?

In fact, the mask market is obvious to all. Although the domestic control is good, the foreign data has reached more than 2.5 million terror figures as of April 23. The world is struggling with this epidemic, that is to say, people all over the world need masks now, and masks are a kind of consumable. At present, masks are just needed. If you have your own market or sales Sales mode, or have their own shipping channels, I think the mask market is still good, I believe you understand this.

Next, let's talk about the price of kn95 mask machine. How much is an automatic kn95 mask machine now?

Recently, many machine-based enterprises have started to develop their own masks. There are people selling all kinds of disposable masks, N95 and kn95. Has the price of these masks been reduced?

In fact, the question of price still depends on the company you choose. Some people are very open-minded, some are also self-sufficient.

Let's talk about kn95 respirators. Some people in the market have called for a high price of more than 3 million yuan, while our kn95 respirators in Richter have been fixed at 800000-1.2 million yuan. Maybe you will have the idea of one cent for each item, but in this period, in fact, the design drawings of kn95 respirators can be found on the Internet, called high price people, and we don't make too much evaluation, because there are many things It's all transparent.

If you need to start kn95 mask machine, you can find our Richter. The equipment is composed of a main machine (mask forming machine) and ear belt spot welder (outer ear belt), which is connected by a Two-and-One transmission line. It only needs one person to operate. The mask has clear and firm embossing lines, good fusion effect, comfortable wearing, no pressure, good filtering effect, and fits human face shape. It can be applied to medical, electronic, mining, construction and other industries. About 60 production capacity per minute, delivery time is about one week. You can also come here for field inspection, hoping to work together to make a little contribution to the Anti Japanese war.

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