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The price of mask machine has increased six times as much as that of money printing machine. Should machine tool enterprises enter the market?
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:48:17

When the demand for masks soared in a short period of time, the price of masks in short supply also doubled.

It is understood that before the epidemic, the price of a mask machine was about 200000-400000 yuan. With the arrival of the epidemic, the price of the mask machine has soared to 1.2-1.8 million yuan. The price has risen six times, an amazing increase. Therefore, the mask machine has become a "money printing machine", which has become a new business opportunity in the eyes of many enterprises.

In a short time, all walks of life have switched to cross-border production of masks. Retail, post, entertainment Various industries that have nothing to do with production and manufacturing even join the army of mask machine production.

On February 1, Evonik technology, which is mainly engaged in lithium battery equipment, announced the official launch of the mask machine project; on February 20, East China heavy machinery, which is mainly engaged in port handling equipment, disclosed that the wholly-owned subsidiary has the batch manufacturing capacity of some models of full-automatic mask machines, and plans to officially carry out the production and sales of mask machines; on March 6, Yamaha Zhineng subsidiary announced that the enterprise has officially changed the production of mask machines, which has been accepted by the market Room reservation.

In the face of such a hot mask machine market and such a high return on investment ratio, should the machine tool enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry enter the market?

On the good side:

First of all, the market size of mask machine is expanding, and it will not shrink rapidly in the short term.

According to the data of the securities times, it is estimated that 7000-8000 standard masks are required to be produced every day in China. In addition to spare machines and inventory machines, the market capacity of masks is about 10000, which is very large. In addition, with the spread of the overseas epidemic, the global demand for masks is also growing, and the demand for masks will further increase. According to the current price, the new demand for masks in the global market is expected to reach 10 billion level.

Secondly, local governments are also introducing preferential and subsidizing policies for mask manufacturers. For example, Dongguan district has rewarded plane and folding masks with the quota of 50000 yuan and 80000 yuan per set respectively. Meanwhile, relevant functional departments have sent specialists to the factory to coordinate and solve the difficulties encountered in the production of enterprises. This is good news for machine tool manufacturers who want to devote themselves to the production of mask machines.

Moreover, compared with other industries, the machine tool enterprises have natural advantages in changing the production of masks. The experience of machine tool enterprises in product research and development, system integration, manufacturing process control and other aspects can be applied to the production of mask machine. At present, many machine tool enterprises, including Yangli group, Shanghai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Xinsong, have been engaged in the production of mask machine, and the products have been offline, which shows the convenience of machine tool enterprises in the development of mask machine.

Of course, the conversion of machine tool enterprises to mask machines is not all good, but also need to see the risks.

First of all, compared with small and medium-sized machine tool enterprises, large machine tool enterprises have more advantages in mask machine production, because the supply chain of large companies is more complete and technology is more advanced. At present, the materials such as ultrasonic wave and electric welding machine needed in the production of mask machine are rare raw materials, and the price has doubled several times, while the adjustment workers are rare talents, which are very popular in the mask machine industry. Small and medium-sized machine tool enterprises may have deficiencies in talent reserve and supply chain requirements, and it is difficult to win in the face of competition.

At present, the market competition of respirator is increasingly fierce. According to the data of Tianyan survey, since 2020, there have been 10581 new key words such as mask machine in China's business scope. In other words, an average of 182 enterprises produce anti epidemic materials across borders every day. This means that the machine tool enterprises need to think about how to stand out from so many other enterprises and get good economic efficiency.

Finally, the mask machine industry is always a short-term tuyere industry, which can not be a long-term stable source of income for machine tool enterprises. After the epidemic, the market stock is far greater than the demand, and the price of mask machine will inevitably depreciate. At that time, how to deal with the mask machine business and find new business growth point? These are great challenges for machine tool enterprises. In a word, "the market has risks, so we need to be cautious in investment". On the way of changing the production of mask machine, the machine tool enterprises need to move forward cautiously.

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