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A rare face mask tester: "at the craziest time, someone offered a price of 100000 yuan per month", "I'm tired of sleeping 3-4 hours a day these days."
Created date: 2020-05-03 15:46:42

Yu Huiru, a reporter from economic observation network, said: "our working hours are uncertain now, and we often switch to midnight. It's normal to stay up all night for several nights." On April 2, after many days of invitation, Gao Mai, a mask machine tester, finally took the time to answer the reporter's questions. The night before, he only slept for four hours.

Engaged in the automation industry for 16 years, the outbreak of the epidemic, let gaomai feel that his career is needed by the outside world. Under the new crown epidemic situation, the demand for masks has skyrocketed, which has also made mask machine debugging an extremely cold and subdivided type of work hot.

In March 13th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia machine training and commissioning training course sponsored by Guangdong new crown pneumonia prevention command and control office was held in Guangzhou. The second phase was held in Beijing. The purpose is to train the trainees to understand the principle technology and practical operation technology of mask machine commissioning and operation and maintenance, so as to alleviate the problem that the mask production line in the Pearl River Delta region is paralyzed in the workshop before commissioning.

Economic observation network reporter learned that during the outbreak, most of the mask manufacturers temporarily rushed to switch production, not taking into account the problem of machine debugging. Therefore, debugging and maintenance has become the biggest problem faced by the manufacturers of this part of masks.

"The mask equipment is not a single machine, it needs the cooperation of multiple machines to complete different processes." Li Shang, head of an equipment manufacturer in Dongguan, said that under normal circumstances, it takes 20 days for a mature manufacturer to produce a mask machine, but during the epidemic period, many enterprises can produce a machine within 15 days. From the beginning of February, Li Shang's factory also began to produce masks.

The biggest problem caused by this kind of speed is that many processing parts fail to meet the requirements. "This time, there are still many wrong drawings of manufacturers, which leads to the subsequent production is not smooth. As for the enterprises that buy masks, they don't have a deep understanding of the equipment. The equipment that they have worked hard to get back can't be used, so the experienced debuggers are very scarce. " Li Shang said.

Surging demand

For the enterprises that change the production of mask machine, the key to restrict the production capacity of mask machine is to transfer workers. After assembly, the mask machine must be debugged by technicians to ensure normal production. The core performance of the mask machine, such as the production rate and the rate of good products, can only be realized through the daily debugging and maintenance of the mask manufacturer.

In Chashan Town, in the north central part of Dongguan City, gaomai and colleagues are "fighting" with more than 40 masks. "I can take a rest early after I finish the adjustment. I'm too tired to sleep for 3-4 hours every day these days."

"There are hundreds of calls we receive every day, including more cross-border production of masks, in Guangdong, Henan, Hubei and Jiangsu." Introduced by Gome.

Gao Mai told the economic observer that due to the entry of most laymen, the technical personnel of the mask factory have no foundation, and the foreign aid debugging personnel are in great need. The automation non-standard equipment company where gaomai is located has a large number of engineers who know technology, can read drawings and have experience, so it has become a hot pursuit.

According to Gao Mai, the key points for the adjustment of the respirator include shaping, folding, nose line, the strength of ultrasonic adjustment, the position of the cutter, etc.

Before this, we have not debugged the mask machine, but Zhong Chengqiang, who is engaged in the equipment industry, also joined the team. In fact, he told reporters, the face mask tester is not an industry, focusing on hands-on ability, but on the work of fitters. With the basis of machine equipment operation, willing to study, and someone taking the belt, they can start.

"We're fighting in teams, eight of us. Go to a factory, the first one needs to be explored, the speed is slower, one will be adjusted in 2-3 days, and two to three will be adjusted in one day if it is followed. The ability to solve problems on the spot should be strong, and the market will not give you time to prepare. " Zhong Chengqiang said that the things of each family are different, but they are basically the same. They know how to "beat snakes and beat seven inches".

Value of "take off"

Along with the surge in demand comes the value of the "take off" of the mask adjusters.

According to Li Shang, the master of mask machine debugging is not a "tall and high" occupation. In general, the salary is about 8000-10000 yuan per month. But in the past two months, the manufacturer has offered a sky high price to the debugging personnel of the mask machine for foreign aid. "At the craziest time, someone offered a price of 100000 yuan a month."

"Yesterday, Liaoning's customers asked me to go to the debugging teacher Fu. The price can be up to 30000 yuan a day. The time to come to the circuit is also included, but it is required to be adjusted properly." Li Shang said.

In just two months, Gao Mai also brought out 10 apprentices. "When we debug, we usually have two people in a group, and one can be adjusted in one day. Now there are old people and new people. The shortage of personnel is not as obvious as before. In the order we received earlier, the highest debugging fee can reach 5 million units. Now, the debugging cost of one drag two whole lines is about 30000, and the small body is 20000. "

Other automatic equipment debugging personnel who have not contacted the mask machine to debug the mask machine need to explore and understand the principle and structure of the whole design. The time is at least one week. In Li Shang's opinion, this is unacceptable in the market.

But in front of the interests, many other automatic equipment debugging personnel also make themselves become experts in mask machine debugging through various methods. Zhong Chengqiang's way of fighting in a regiment is one of them. According to its introduction, their team charges debugging fees according to the number of units, with each unit charging between 35000-50000 yuan.

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