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Flat face mask production lines
Created date: 2020-05-06 17:06:37

1. Configure the power supply:

AC220V ± 5%, 50Hz, equipment maximum starting power 10KW

2. Compressed air:

0.4MPa ~ 0.6Pa, air pressure fluctuation ± 1% (clean water after dewatering, no oil, filtration, voltage stabilization)

300L / min.

3. Equipment specifications:

1) Equipment weight: about 3 tons.

2) Appearance color: aluminum alloy processed parts adopt natural color anodizing; all appearance parts of stainless steel adopt matt stainless steel

Material: All parts of the machine that have relative motion must not have metal collision or friction, the cylinder can not help but copper, all other external

Missing parts and interface parts are prohibited from copper; the paint is smooth and smooth, the standard color number is PANTONE, the electric box international standard warm gray 1C or customer

Users provide color cards.

4. Environmental requirements:

1) Ground wire: protective grounding.

2) Ground requirements: bearing requirements are> 500kg per square.

3) Workshop requirements: dust-free constant temperature workshop.

5. Main technical parameters of the equipment

1) Production efficiency: ≥100PCS / min

2) Qualification rate of equipment products: 99% (except for original materials and human operation)

3) Equipment failure rate: ≤2% (caused by the equipment itself)

6. Brands of equipment main components and spare parts

1) Cylinder: Yadeke, the same quality brand

2) Guide screw: Taiwan HIWIN, TBI, the same quality brand

3) Solenoid valve: Yadeke, SMC, equivalent and other quality brands

4) Servo motor: Mitsubishi, Incheon, Panasonic, brands of the same quality

5) Programmable controller PLC: Mitsubishi, Xinjie, Omron, Gago, the same quality brand

6) Touch screen: Taiwan Weilun, the same quality brand

7) Inverter:Watson,Delta,Mitsubishi,the same quality brand

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